1)   GENERAL POWERS – The Mayor shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the City. He or she shall appoint the City Administrator with the advice of Council. He or she may remove the City Administrator with the advice of Council. He or she shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as are conferred and required by this Charter and state law.
   2)   APPOINTMENT OF MUNICIPAL OFFICERS – All appointments as required by this Charter shall be appointed not earlier than the second Monday in January and not later than the first Monday in February.
   3)   CONSULTATION AND ADVICE TO DIRECTORS OF DEPARTMENTS When the Mayor deems it necessary; the directors of the several departments of the City shall meet with him or her at the time and place he or she designates, for consultation and advice upon the affairs of the City.
   4)   MAYOR AND OFFICERS SHALL ATTEND MEETINGS OF COUNCIL – MAYOR’S WRITTEN RECOMMENDATIONS – The Mayor shall attend the meetings of the Council of the City when specifically requested by such Council, and answer at such time questions put to any of them by any member of such Council, relative to the affairs of the City under their respective management and control. The Mayor shall make such recommendation, in writing, to the Council for the welfare of the City as seem wise to him or her.
   5)   ACTING MAYOR – When the Mayor is absent from the City, or is unable for any cause to perform his or her duties, the President of the Council shall be the acting Mayor. While such president is acting as Mayor, he or she shall not serve as President of the Council.