513.14 TOXIC GLUE.
   (a)   Definition. As used in this section, “toxic glue” means any glue, adhesive cement, mucilage, plastic solvent or other adhesive containing toluene, acetone, xylene, butyl alcohol, hexane, tricresyl phosphate or other toxic ingredient.
   (b)   Sale or Possession Prohibited. No person shall, for the purpose of violating or aiding another to violate any provision of this section, intentionally possess, buy, sell, transfer possession or receive possession of any toxic glue.
   (c)   Limitation on Sale or Transfer of Possession. No person shall sell or transfer possession of any toxic glue to another person under eighteen years of age except that one tube of glue may be sold at any one time to a person under eighteen years of age provided that the tube is included in a kit for the assembly of a model airplane, automobile, boat or other unassembled model, or when a kit not having glue packaged therein is sold in conjunction with the sale of one tube of glue.
   (d)   Prohibited Use. No person shall inhale, drink, eat or otherwise introduce into his respiratory or circulatory system any toxic glue with the intent of becoming intoxicated, elated, paralyzed, irrational or in any manner changing, distorting or disturbing the eyesight, thinking process, judgment, balance or coordination of such person. For the purpose of this section, any such condition so induced shall be deemed to be an intoxicated condition.
(Ord. 38-1965. Passed 12-13-65.)
   (e)   Violation. Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.