Ord. No.   Date   Description
17-1947   8-12-47   Telford Ave., west of Marvin Ave.
26-1947   12-9-47   Unnamed street west of La Boiteaux Ave. in Wildwood Subdivision.
26-1952   8-25-52   Lot 18 in Wildwood Subdivision and Lot 11 in Wildwood Second Subdivision.
11-1955   4-25-55   Lot 18 in Wildwood 2nd Subdivision.
9-1960   4-25-60   Alley between Goodman and DeArmond Aves. extending from Grace to Bake Aves.
24-1963   10-28-63   Unnamed 12-foot wide alley running 120 feet south from DeArmond Ave. about 140 feet west of the intersection of DeArmond and Hamilton Aves.
29-1963   11-11-63   Unnamed 12-foot wide alley running 120 feet north from Emerson Ave. about 120 feet west of intersection of Emerson and Betts Ave.
23-1964   8-24-64   Unnamed 12-foot wide alley running east from a point 150 feet east of Parrish Ave. lying between DeArmond and Dallas Aves.
11-1968   6-10-68   Unnamed 12-foot wide alley running 120 feet south from Galbraith Rd. and lying 122.47 feet east of Simpson Ave.
6-1970   3-23-70   Alley 12 feet wide running north from Schollenberger Ave. 120 feet and lying 120.13 feet east of Simpson Ave.
11-1970   6-22-70   Portion of Marion Ave. 60 feet wide running north from Galbraith Rd.
19-1970   10-12-70   Portions of Marion and Marquerite Aves.
22-1971   1-10-72   Unnamed alley lying 135 feet north of Galbraith Rd. and running east 176 feet.
19-1977   9-26-77   Portions of Brushwood Ave. and Clovernook Ave. in Drier Subdivision.
3-1981   2-16-81   Simpson Ave. between Galbraith Rd. and the southern City boundary.
24-1985   6-17-85   Vacates alleys described in map attached to ordinance.
12-1987   5-4-87   First alley north of Galbraith Rd. running west of Carrol.
16-1989   8-7-89   Alley running west of Baka Ave. between Dallas and DeArmond.
12-1992   5-18-92   Portion of Marguerite Ave.
13-1992   6-1-92   Portions of Marion Ave. and Prospect Blvd.
14-2001   7-2-01   Portions of Northridge Ave. and Gardenwood Court.