(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to plant, grow, or maintain any shade tree or trees or shrubbery which will obstruct the proper distribution of light on the street from street lamps or which will obstruct the view of traffic approaching an intersection.
   (b)   All trees shall be trimmed so as to have a clear height of ten feet above the surface of sidewalks and twelve feet above the surface of the street or roadway, and the branches of all trees in front of and along lots or lands near which the street lights are placed shall be trimmed so as not to obstruct the free passage of light from the street lights to the street and sidewalk.
   (c)   The Code Enforcement Officer or his/her designee shall cause a written notice to be given to property owners ordering them to trim or remove trees or shrubbery so that the trees and shrubbery shall conform to the provisions of subsections (a) and (b).
   (d)   If the property owner fails to trim or remove the trees or shrubbery within five days of being served with such notice, the Code Enforcement Officer or his/her designee may cause the trees or shrubbery to be trimmed or removed as ordered, and the cost thereof shall be assessed according to Sections 547.04 and 547.05.
(Ord. 24-2018. Passed 11-26-18.)