Section 3.05.  Director of Finance.
   A Director of Finance shall be appointed by Council as head of the Finance Department and fiscal officer of the municipality, and may be removed at any time by an affirmative vote of four (4) Council members.
   The Director of Finance shall have the following powers and duties:
   (1)   He/she shall serve the Mayor and Council as financial advisor in connection with municipal affairs and shall keep the financial records of the municipality.  He/she shall be responsible for collection of all taxes and assessments and shall disburse the same as may be required by law or ordinance.
   (2)   He/she shall maintain a general accounting system for the municipality and for each of its officers, departments and agencies; keep books for and exercise financial budgetary control over each office, department and agency; keep separate accounts for the items of appropriation contained in the municipal budget, each of which accounts shall show the amount of appropriation, the amounts paid therefrom, the unpaid obligations against it and the unencumbered balance; require reports of receipts and disbursements from each receiving and spending agency of the municipality to be made at such intervals as he/she may deem expedient.
   (3)   He/she shall compile a schedule of anticipated income for the next succeeding fiscal year, and shall submit said schedule to the Mayor and Council by May 15 of each year.  He/she shall assist the Mayor in preparation of the budget.
   (4)   He/she or his/her deputy may serve as Clerk for meetings of administrative divisions and for other divisions as requested by Council.