Section 3.02.  The Director of Administration.
   The Director of Administration shall receive authority from and be responsible to the Mayor for general supervision and proper operation of administrative departments established herein or as established by Council and delegated by the Mayor as the responsibility of the Director of Administration.
   The Director of Administration shall be a resident or shall establish residence in the municipality of North Canton within a reasonable time after appointment and shall remain a resident during his/her tenure of office.
   The Director of Administration shall have the following powers and duties:
   (1)   He/she may, with the approval of the Mayor, or shall at the request of the Mayor, serve as Manager of one or more of the Administrative Departments as established herein or hereafter created.
   (2)   He/she shall appoint, subject to approval of the Mayor, Managers of Administrative Departments for which he/she does not serve as Manager, and other officers and employees of Administrative Departments unless otherwise provided for.  Appointive power may be delegated by the Director of Administration to the Manager of any department or to the head of any division with respect to the officers and employees required within their respective departments.
   (3)   He/she shall have the power to remove all officers and employees appointed by him/her, subject to compliance with the laws of Ohio where applicable with respect to officers and employees classified under civil service in Section 3.07 of this Charter.
   (4)   He/she shall perform such other administrative duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or required of him/her by the Mayor.
   The Director of Administration may be removed at the pleasure of the Mayor.  In case of dismissal the Director of Administration may request the courtesy of a hearing at a regular meeting of Council and statements pertaining to conditions of dismissal shall be recorded in the journal of Council.  Decision of the Mayor in regard to removal shall be final.