Section 2.03.  Officers of Council.
Council shall by majority vote, elect from among all of its members a President of Council and a Vice-President of Council, each to serve a term of one (1) year.
   The President of Council, or, in his/her absence, the Vice President of Council, shall preside at all meetings of Council.
   The President and Vice President of Council, by virtue of holding such offices, shall not be deprived of their powers and rights or be relieved of any of their duties or obligations as members of Council.
   A Clerk of Council shall be appointed by, and may be removed by, the Council.  The Clerk of Council shall keep an accurate and complete journal of all proceedings of Council, authenticate by his/her signature and have custody of all laws, ordinances and resolutions by Council, have custody of all official documents, reports, papers, communications and files of Council, and perform such other duties as Council may require.
   The Clerk may hold any other municipal appointive office, but shall not hold any municipal elective office.  During the absence or disability of the Clerk of Council, Council shall appoint someone to perform all the duties of that office.