Ord. No.   Date   Description
1862   4-13-53   Orchard St. grade.
1939   1-23-56   Change Mohler Ct. to Wileman St.
1962   11-12-56   Change West St. to Hillcrest Dr.
2064   7-13-56   Change part of Sutton Ave. to Clearmont Ave.
2153   6-26-61   Change Lorena Dr. from Sunset Blvd. to Lindy Lane and Lucinda Dr. from Lindy Lane to Linwood Ave. to Lorena St.
2192   5-14-62   Change name, legal description.
2298   3-9-64   Change W. Hill St. from S. Main St. west to corporation line to Everhard Rd., S.W.
2403   8-9-65   Change Central Ave., S.E. from Schnider Rd., S.E. to Mississippi Ave., S.E. to be called Pershing  Rd., S.E. (see also Res. 596).
2998   7-26-71   Change Fairview St., S.W. to Far View Road, S.W.
3538   6-9-75   Naming an unnamed alley (360 ft. east and parallel with Royer Ave.) as Mohler Ct.
3544   5-27-75   Naming by number numerous alleys as alleys 1 to 22 and 24 to 61.
91-79      6-25-79   Changing the name of Ronald Avenue, N.W. from its terminus at Postiy Street, N.W. in a northerly direction to the corporate limits of the City to Barchester Avenue, N.W.
108-87   12-14-87   Alley 4, 310 ft. east of McKinley Ave. S.E. to Fairhart Ave. S.E.
51-94   4-25-94   Changing the name of Alley Number 3, located approximately 200 feet west of North Main St. and beginning at 5th St. N.W. and running in a north-south direction for approximately 520 feet to 7th St. N.W., to Fair Oaks N.W.
99-03   8-25-03   Changing Easton St. N.W. to East Maple St., effective 10-1-03.
91-05   7-11-05   Changing Alley No. 39, 180 ft. E of S. Main St., parallel therewith, beginning at Glenwood St. S.E., running N-S to Bitzer St. S.E.
76-2016   11-14-16   Changing the name of alley numbers 55 and 22, within the corporate limits of the City to Aiden Way.