Culverts located within the right of way of public streets, whether under driveways or under the streets themselves, as well as culverts under driveways located on private property, shall be constructed under the supervision of the Village Engineer and shall be constructed of one of the following materials and shall have the following specifications:
   A.   Reinforced concrete; or
   B.   Corrugated polyethylene with smooth interior; or
   C.   Polyvinyl chloride.
All flared end sections, fittings and specials shall match the pipe in all respects. It is preferred that all portions of such pipe which are visible after installation has been completed be a neutral color.
All pipe, except reinforced concrete, shall have at least twelve inches (12") of cover from the top of the pipe to the bottom of the hard surface pavement, except where lesser cover is authorized by the Village Engineer. (Ord. 1142, 4-23-2008)