It shall be unlawful within the corporate limits of the Village to do, conduct or allow any of the following except as provided by this title and after obtaining written permission from the enforcing officer:
   A.   To establish any use of a building, structure or land, either by itself or in addition to another use.
   B.   To expand, change or reestablish any nonconforming use.
   C.   To excavate for any lake, pond, swimming pool, building, foundation, sewer, water conduit, well, septic tank, grease trap, disposal field or drain.
   D.   To alter, redirect or materially change the course of any creek, river or stream.
   E.   To erect, construct, alter, add to or move any building, structure or part thereof, or install any new siding. (1977 Code § ZR-1-2)
   F.   To erect fences except as permitted pursuant to chapter 11 of this title, as said chapter may be amended from time to time. (Ord. 1064, 7-25-2005)
   G.   To rebuild, structurally alter, add to or relocate any building or structure or part thereof. (1977 Code § ZR-1-2)