For the purposes of this title, the following words, as used herein, shall be construed to have the meanings herein ascribed thereto:
APPROVED: Approved by the Environmental and Health Commission.
BEDROOM: Any room, regardless of its designation by the owner or permit applicant, which is suitable to be used regularly as a room for sleeping, including, but not limited to, dens, studies, bonus rooms, libraries, television rooms, sewing rooms and similar rooms (all of which are hereafter referred to as "extra rooms") whether finished or unfinished, located on the bedroom level of a multi-story residence which has access to a full bath which is a room containing either a tub or a shower. Extra rooms located on the nonbedroom level of a multi-story residence shall be considered "bedrooms" if there is a bath on that level containing a shower or tub which is not part of a master suite. Extra rooms in a single-story residence shall always be considered "bedrooms" if there is access to a full bath. All such extra rooms shall be considered as potential "bedrooms" and included as "bedrooms" for the purposes of determining the required size of a septic seepage field of a residence.
CURTAIN DRAIN: A pipe or pipes buried in the ground designed to intercept and accept water which, were it not for such curtain drain, would travel onto or into the seepage field of the individual sewage disposal system intended to be protected by such pipe or pipes.
HEALTH COMMISSION: The Environmental and Health Commission of the Village of North Barrington, or its authorized representative.
HEALTH OFFICER: The duly appointed and authorized representative of the Environmental and Health Commission.
INDIVIDUAL SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEM: A sewage disposal system other than a public system which receives either human excreta or liquid waste, or both, from one or more premises. Included within the scope of this definition are septic tanks, soil absorption systems, chemical toilets and mechanical sewage treatment systems.
PERMIT: A written permit issued by the Health Officer, permitting the construction of an individual sewage disposal system under this title.
PERSON: Any institution, corporation, individual, partnership or other entity.
SEEPAGE PIT: A covered pit with open lining through which septic tank or treated effluent may seep or leech into the surrounding porous soil.
SUMP PIT: A stone filled pit for absorption of storm water, drain tile, or water softener effluent. "Sump pits" may not receive laundry waste. Only water from footing tiles, humidifiers, water softeners, sump pumps, curtain drains and storm lines shall be discharged into "sump pits". (1977 Code § 7-1-1; amd. 2004 Code; Ord. 1040, 6-28-2004; Ord. 1129, 12-17-2007)