(a)   No person will be permitted to enter the cemetery except at the gates especially provided for the purpose, unless special permission be given by the Village Administrator or his authorized representative, or permitted to remain there after nightfall under any circumstances.
   (b)   All persons are prohibited from plucking either wild or cultivated flowers or writing upon or injuring any monument, vault, railing or other structure.
   (c)   No person will be permitted to disturb the quiet or good order of the place in any way; and all proprieties due to the sacred character of the grounds, should be observed and will be enforced on all occasions.
   (d)   Children under 12 years of age will not be admitted, unless in charge of an adult.
   (e)   No money shall be paid to any employee of the cemetery for any courtesy extended to visitors.
   (f)   No riding or driving, except on the grades, lanes or avenues, will be permitted, nor at a greater speed than 10 miles per hour.
   (g)   Automobile drivers and other employed at funerals must always keep to the right on the avenues; nor will they be allowed to turn their vehicles on the avenues, but drive around the section on the way out of the cemetery, and otherwise observe the rules and regulations thereof.
   (h)   Current prices for service are available from the Village Clerk.
(Ord. 00-35.  Passed 10-17-00.)