(a)   Installation.  The installation of monuments, headstones and markers, along with the required foundations, shall be the responsibility of the lot owners and monument companies.  All installations shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the Village Administrator or his authorized representative, who shall enforce these rules and regulations.
   (b)   Size.  All foundations are to be built of solid concrete, constructed of good quality limestone and shall not exceed 38" in size.  The depth of the foundation will be as follows:
Monument Size
Minimum Depth
Single Monument
Multiple Monument
   (c)   Foundations.
      (1)   Foundations shall be true and level, and shall not project above the surface of the ground.
      (2)   No base-stone shall be set other than level.  The work must be cut so as to fit properly on a level base.  All stone work shall have the surface next to the foundation bedded off, or squared sufficiently true and level to allow every part to be in contact with the foundation.  The use of spawls between base-stone and foundation, or the removal of any part of the foundation to accommodate irregularities or other defective workmanship in the base- stone, will not be allowed.
   (d)   Monuments and Installation Rules.
      (1)   No marker, or other stone, should be set in a socket or with a dowel.  No monument or marker manufactured from cement or porcelain will be allowed to be erected in the cemetery.
      (2)   The Village Administrator or his authorized representative is directed not to permit monuments or other material to enter the grounds in wet weather.  No work will be allowed to be delivered or set in the Spring until the ground has fully settled and is in proper condition.
      (3)   Persons engaged in erecting monuments or other structures are prohibited from attaching ropes to trees and shrubs, and from scattering their material over adjoining lots, or leaving some on grounds any longer than is absolutely necessary, but in all cases they are to proceed and act in accordance with the rules, under the direction of the Village Administrator or his authorized representative.
      (4)   If any monument or effigy, or any structure whatever, or any inscription be placed in or upon any lot, which shall be determined by the Village Administrator or his authorized representative to be offensive or improper, he shall have the right, and it shall be his duty, to enter upon said lot and remove said offensive object or objects.  (Ord. 00-35.  Passed 10-17-00.)