(a)   Time and Manner.  All interments, disinterments and removals shall be made by Village employees at the time, in the manner, and subject to the payment of such charges as are fixed by the Village.  Tents, artificial grass, lowering devices, and other equipment of the Funeral Director shall be used exclusively in making interments, disinterments and removals.
   (b)   Notice and Required Information.  The right is reserved by the Village to require twenty-four (24) hours notice before any interment and one weeks’ notice before disinterment or removal.  No interment will be permitted until the Village has received the burial permit and such other information as is required to complete the Cemetery Interment Record.  Due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond its control, the Village reserves the right to schedule the interment at its discretion.  All graves will be opened and closed during normal working hours.  Openings and closings other than normal working hours shall be subject to published charges.  Funeral Directors wishing to have work done during other than normal working hours will be subject to overtime charges for Cemetery employees, and may only do so with prior approval of the Cemetery Superintendent.
   (c)   Funerals.
      (1)   The Funeral Director will lead all funeral processions from the cemetery main entrance to the burial lot.  The Village Administrator or his authorized representative is expected to attend every interment and see that the rules, regulations and strict proprieties of the cemetery are observed.
      (2)   The casket in every earth interment shall be enclosed in a vault of concrete, steel or other material which is approved by the Village. 
      (3)   Funeral directors shall be responsible for the delivery and installation of vaults.  Vault delivery and installation shall be done in a manner so as to leave no ruts or depression in grounds or damage to supervise all vault installations.  It shall be the responsibility of the Funeral Director to repair or replace any damage caused by their employees during interment, or caused by employees or agents of vault companies.  If the Village Administrator or his authorized representative or Funeral Director should discover upon opening a gravesite that the area is too small to accommodate an adult size vault or casket any or all expenses for replacing such with a smaller vault or casket will be born by the family members involved and not at an expense to the Village.
   (d)   Open and Closing of Grave.  The Village Administrator or his authorized representative will be responsible for opening and closing of graves; Funeral Directors will be responsible for attendant services.  No graves shall be opened or closed, except on a permit issued by the Clerk and under the supervision of the Village Administrator or his authorized representative.  The work shall be done by Cemetery employees under the supervision of the Village Administrator or his authorized representative.
   (e)   Protests to Interments.    All protests to interments must be made in writing in such form as is requested by the Association and filed in the office of the Village.  Where a protest is filed, the Village shall have the right to place the body in a receiving vault until the rights of the parties have been determined and the Village shall not be liable for the delay of the interment.
   (f)   Interment of More Than One Body.  The interment of only one body will be permitted in a grave, provided that with the consent of the Village, a mother and infant, or two children in a casket, may be interred in one grave.  In such cases of multiple interments, proper identification shall be made on one regulation memorial.
   (g)   Removal.  An interment properly made shall not be disturbed except on written permission of the original plot owner and the written consent of the Village Council or upon an order of court of competent jurisdiction.  Removal of a body or cremated remains by the heirs so the plot may be sold for profit to themselves is prohibited; however, consent of the Village will be granted provided such removal does not violate the expressed written wish of the original plot owner.  (Ord. 00-35.  Passed 10-17-00.)