The Noblesville Economic Development Commission shall have all powers and duties granted by I.C. § 36-7-12, et seq. and as may be amended from time to time with respect to the promotion of economic development, including, without limitation, the financing of single, identified economic development or pollution control facilities and the provision of a program to finance multiple, unidentified economic development or pollution control facilities that promote a substantial likelihood of: creating or retaining opportunities for gainful employment; creating business opportunities; providing reliable water services; the abatement, reduction, or prevention of pollution; or the removal or treatment of substances in materials being processed that otherwise would cause pollution when used; serve a public purpose and will be of benefit to the health or general welfare of the unit proposing to issue bonds for the financing or program or of the unit where the facilities that are to be financed are located.
(I.C. 36-7-12-3) (Am. Ord. 53-12-18, passed 12-18-18)