(A)   The Clerk is hereby authorized to assess a nonrefundable fee in an amount to be determined but in no event to exceed $100, to any person or entity requesting a bid packet preliminary to submission of a bid on any advertising bid letting of the city.
   (B)   The amount of the nonrefundable fee shall be determined prior to the advertisement for bids and made part of the bid specifications based upon the actual cost of reproduction and assembly of the bid packet, subject to the maximum limitations set out in division (A) above.  Such calculations shall be made by the Clerk in consultation with the City Engineer or such department heads as may be involved in the development of the bid specifications.  The nonrefundable fee shall be set out and clearly stated in the advertisement for bids.
   (C)   The Clerk shall maintain appropriate books and records of the fees charged and the receipts thereto and the fees so collected shall be deposited in the General Fund.
(Ord. 78-11-89, passed 12-11-89; Am. Ord. 53-12-18, passed 12-18-18)