(A)   There is established an Ordinance Violations Bureau in accordance with IC 33-36-2-1.
   (B)   The Mayor shall appoint the Ordinance Violations Bureau Clerk.
   (C)   The Violations Clerk may accept:
      (1)   Written appearances;
      (2)   Waivers of trial;
      (3)   Admissions of violations; and
      (4)   Payment of civil penalties up to $250.
   (D)   If a person charged with a violation wants to exercise the right to trial, the person shall appear before the Violations Clerk and deny the violation or enter a written denial with the Violations Clerk.
   (E)   If a person:
      (1)   Denies an ordinance violation subject to this section; or
      (2)   Fails to satisfy a civil penalty assessed by the Violations Clerk after having entered an admission of the violation; or
      (3)   Fails to deny or admit the violation under this section; the Violations Clerk shall report this fact to the Noblesville City Attorney.
      (4)   The Noblesville City Attorney may initiate formal proceedings against the person for the alleged ordinance violation.
(Ord. 66-09-21, passed 9-28-21)