(A)   No person other than a duly authorized agent of the animal shelter may destroy any domestic animal within the city limits; provided, however, this provision shall not apply to the following:
      (1)   A licensed veterinarian by registered veterinary technicians or persons who have attended certified euthanasia training programs shall perform the destruction of animals in a humane manner provided that said person holds all required licenses for storage, use, and the like, for that drug;
      (2)   Those persons acting in immediate self-protection;
      (3)   City police officers or firemen acting to prevent undue suffering; or
      (4)   An owner of an animal.
   (B)   The Noblesville Police Department is authorized to issue permits to any person, under such terms and conditions as it finds to be necessary for the public safety and welfare, for the humane killing or humane trapping within the city, any non-migratory pigeons, starlings, and/or birds declared or defined by any law or ordinance as pests. The fee for such permit is fifty dollars ($50) and is payable to the Clerk-Treasurer. Any permit issued shall be revocable at will by the Noblesville Police Chief.
(Ord. 09-02-21, passed 2-23-21)