(A)   Under the provisions of the "Park and Recreation Law" there is hereby established a special non-reverting operating fund created only from moneys and fees procured from these specific park and recreation activities:
      (1)   June Festival;
      (2)   July 4th Fireworks Program;
      (3)   Go-Kart Race held in Forest Park; and
      (4)   The Amusement Park Ticket Program and Travel Program, sponsored by the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association.
   (B)   All moneys and fees from these activities shall be deposited with the fiscal officer of the City of Noblesville as provided by law.
   (C)   Under the provisions of the "Park and Recreation Law" expenditures may be made from the special non-reverting operating fund by the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Board upon approved claims in the same manner as all other Park claims.
(Ord. 1632, passed 8-25-87)