(A)   Pursuant to I.C. 5-14-3-3(2)(e), any person who receives information in an electronic format from the City of Noblesville in response to a public records request may not use the information for commercial purposes, including to sell, advertise, or solicit the purchase of merchandise, goods, or services, or sell, loan, give away, or otherwise deliver the information obtained by the request to any other person for these purposes. Any person or entity who uses any information provided by the City for a commercial purpose, as defined in this section, shall not be provided any such data for a period of up to ten (10) years.
   (B)   Use of information received in connection with the preparation or publication of news, for nonprofit activities, or for academic research is not prohibited.
   (C)   Requests for non-color copies will cost $0.10 per page and $0.25 per page for color copies.
   (D)   Documents that already exist in an electronic format will be emailed upon request without charge.
   (E)   Requests for electronic copies that do not already exist in an electronic format will cost the same as copies.
   (F)   Victims of crime or loss of property due to fire or weather-related causes may obtain public information concerning the crime or loss for their personal records free of charge.
   (G)   Information that is provided for a fee under other city policies or ordinances is exempt from the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 44-10-18, passed 11-3-18; Am. Ord. 08-02-19, passed 2-12-19)