§ 113.04  OPERATIONS.
   (A)   No massage establishment shall be operated or conducted using any room or place which is also used for residential purposes. In any case where the massage establishment is conducted in a building that also includes living quarters, there shall be no direct connection between the massage establishment and the residential quarters. No one shall use the business quarters for a place of habitation.
   (B)   All massage establishments shall be subject to all other city ordinances, county ordinances, and the laws of the State of Indiana, and to the regulations of various administrative bodies of the city, county, and state.
   (C)   Every massage establishment shall be open no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and no later than 10:00 p.m.
   (D)   All towels used on a patron shall not be reused until the towels have been laundered.
   (E)   All massage tables shall be covered with linen which shall be changed for each patron and the linen shall be laundered before covering the massage table for another patron.
   (F)   All mechanical items and apparatuses used on a patron shall be cleansed and sanitized before using same on another patron.
   (G)   All mechanical items and apparatuses, oils, salt, packs, and other items used in giving a massage shall be kept in a closed sanitation type cabinet when not in use.
   (H)   All showers and shower stalls, bath stalls, or other such individual units shall be sanitized on a daily basis with an antiseptic solution.
   (I)   No person under 18 years of age shall be permitted to attend, visit, or patronize a massage establishment without the express written consent of a parent or guardian.
   (J)   There shall be continuously available hot and cold running water.
   (K)   No employee, manager, or owner of a massage establishment shall have been found in violation of any state statute or local ordinance pertaining to sex offenses, prostitution, keeping a house of ill fame, or maintaining a public nuisance.
   (L)   Comply with all other regulations as set out by the State Board of Massage Therapy in 847IAC.
(Ord. 35-08-12, passed 9-11-12)  Penalty, see § 113.99