(A)   The Common Council may investigate:
      (1)   The departments, officers, and employees of the city;
      (2)   Any charges against a department, officer, or employee of the city; and
      (3)   The affairs of a person with whom the city has entered or is about to enter into a contract.
   (B)   When conducting an investigation under this section, the Common Council:
      (1)   Is entitled to access to all records pertaining to the investigation; and
      (2)   May compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence by subpoena and attachment served and executed in the county.
   (C)   If a person refuses to testify or produce evidence at an investigation conducted under this section, the Common Council may order its Clerk to immediately present to the circuit court, superior court, or probate court of the county a written report of the facts relating to the refusal.  The court shall hear all questions relating to the refusal to testify or produce evidence, and shall also hear any new evidence not included in the Clerk’s report.  If the court finds that the testimony or evidence sought should be given or produced, it shall order the person to testify or produce the evidence, or both.
(IC 36-4-6-21)