(A)   The applicant for a community encroachment that involves a street closure or blockage shall be required to notify all those located in the closure area and obtain signatures agreeing to the closure.
   (B)   The applicant for a community encroachment that involves a street closure or blockage may be required to submit an emergency action plan. The determination of whether an emergency action plan is necessary shall be at the discretion of the Noblesville Fire Department after the submission of the application. An emergency action plan would be necessary for any event that has the potential to draw crowds large enough to limit or delay emergency access to the closure area and also is necessary when a closure area includes a target hazard occupancy. A target hazard occupancy is a building or site that contains special hazards that are greater than those found in the average residential or commercial location and requires a specific level of access in case of emergency.
      (1)   An emergency action plan is intended to minimize hazards to human health which result from emergencies. They are put in place to allow the attendees and organizers to be better organize what to do if an emergency does occur.
      (2)   An emergency action plan needs to predefine what actions will be taken to report fires and other emergencies. The plan will identify who will call in an emergency, which will be the contact for emergency personnel on arrival, how emergency vehicles and personnel will access the site, evacuation procedures, a way to account for everyone after the emergency, as well as any other elements as necessitated by the specific location.
(Ord. 36-08-12, passed 9-11-12)