(A)   Under the provisions of I.C. 36-7-9, there is established the City of Noblesville Unsafe Structures law.
   (B)   I.C. 36-7-9-1 through 36-7-9-28 and its amendments are adopted by the city and incorporated by reference in the City Unsafe Structures law. All proceedings concerning land within the city for the inspection, repair, and removal of unsafe structures shall be governed by that state statute and this section. If the provisions of this section conflict with the provisions of I.C. 36-7-9-1 through I.C. 367-9-28, the state statute controls.
   (C)   All structures or parts of structures within the boundaries of the city which are determined by the Director of the Planning Department to be unsafe, as defined by this section, are declared to be public nuisances and shall be abated by repair, rehabilitation, demolition, or removal.
   (D)   The Director of the city Planning Department may administer and proceed under the provisions of the state statute in ordering the repair or removal of any buildings found to be unsafe, as specified in state statute or as specified in this section.
   (E)   The description of an unsafe building contained in the provisions of I.C. 36-7-9-4 is adopted by this section and incorporated by reference in this section as if copied in full.
   (F)   The definition of “substantial property interest” set forth in I.C. 36-7-9-2 is adopted by this section and incorporated by reference in this section as if copied in full.
   (G)   All work for the reconstruction, repair, or demolition of buildings and other structures shall be performed in a good workmanlike manner in accordance to the accepted standards and practices in the trade. The provisions of the building laws as defined in I.C. 22-12-1-3, adopted as the rules of the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission, shall be considered standard and acceptable practice for all matters covered by this section or orders issued pursuant to this section by the Director of the Planning Department.
   (H)   No person, whether as owner, lessee, sublessee, or occupant, shall erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, demolish, equip, use, occupy, or maintain any structure, building or premises or cause or permit such to be done contrary to or in violation of any of the subsections of this section or any order issued by the Planning Department. Any person violating this section commits a Class C Infraction for each day such violation occurs.
   (I)   The Common Council designates the Planning Department as the department authorized to administer acts of the city under this section and I.C. 36-7-9-1 through I.C. 36-7-9-28.
   (J)   The Director of the Planning Department is considered the enforcement officer for implementing this section within the city.
(Ord. 68-8-05, passed 9-13-05; Am. Ord. 43-11-12, passed 11-27-12)