(A)   (1)   Each user discharging wastewater into the sanitary sewers shall be subject to a surcharge in addition to the regular sewage service charge based on content of the waste based on the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), suspended solids (SS) and phosphorous content of the wastes, if the wastes have a concentration higher than 300 mg/L of BOD, 350 mg/L of SS or 15 mg/L of phosphorous.
      (2)   Other pollutants may be included as deemed necessary.
   (B)   Sampling and testing for surcharges or use charges. The discharged wastewater will be sampled during each sewage billing period for minimum of a one-day period (24 continuous hours) by means of a composite sample. An extended sampling period of up to one week (seven continuous days) or reduction may be requested to enable the gathering of a sample representative of a company’s wastewater. The extension or reduction of the sampling period beyond the initial one-day sampling period maybe requested by either the sewer user involved or the City of Noblesville. If an extended sampling period is requested, the parameter values used to calculate the surcharge will be the arithmetical average of the individual values. In the event a company or industry has multiple discharges of wastewater, each discharge shall be sampled according to quality. If significant process changes are made to affect quality of any discharge, resampling may be requested by either the sewer user involved or the city.
   (C)   These tests shall be made in accordance with the latest editions of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water or by an approved EPA method.
   (D)   Computation of surcharge.
      (1)   Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) in excess of 300 mg/L $0.07 per pound of BOD.
      (2)   Suspended Solids (S.S.) in excess of 350 mg/L $0.06 per pound of SS.
      (3)   Phosphorous in excess of 15 mg/L $0.51 per pound of Phosphorous.
(Ord. 10-04-12, passed 4-10-12)