(A)   All meetings are to be scheduled through the Urban Forester and/or Tree Board president, are public and shall be advertised, through the Clerk-Treasurer, in accordance to the open door law.
   (B)   All meeting minutes are to be recorded in digital form, by the Tree Board secretary, and copies provided to the Clerk-Treasurer for public record and the Tree Board.
   (C)   Coordinate efforts with related projects of such groups as the Park Board, Plan Commission, Common Council and city departments.
   (D)   Consider, investigate, make findings, report, recommend upon, and keep adequate records of its actions upon any matter or questions coming within the scope of its work as defined by this chapter.
   (E)   Conduct educational and fund-raising campaigns as necessary and work with private and public agencies and organizations to establish programs for the planting and care of street trees.
   (F)   The Tree Board may be requested to advise or consult with the Urban Forester on any matter pertaining to this chapter and its enforcement by the Board of Public Works and Safety. The topics under which the advice and consultation may be given may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
      (1)   Policies concerning selection, planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs, and other plants within the city;
      (2)   Establishment of educational and informational programs;
      (3)   Formulating policies and procedures of urban forestry relating to the most current standards;
      (4)   Assist with the submittal of information to the Board of Public Works addressing violations or addendums of this chapter;
      (5)   Maintaining a quorum of Board members for the purpose of promoting a proactive forestry program;
      (6)   Assist with city development projects pertaining to urban forestry.
   (G)   Assist the Urban Forester in all efforts to secure funds for the promotion, planting, and maintenance of trees governed under this chapter.
(Ord. 13-3-90, passed 5-14-90; Am. Ord. 17-4-98, passed 5-24-99; Am. Ord. 8-3-09, passed 4-28-09)