(A)   The Mayor or Common Council may appoint a person to replace their appointees in the event that a vacancy should occur during the term of any member. His or her successor shall be appointed for the unexpired portion of the term.
   (B)   Members appointed by the Mayor serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. Members appointed by Council serve at the pleasure of Council. A member of the Tree Board may also be removed by the tree Board, with approval of the Mayor, if that member fails to attend one-half or more  of the meetings in a year.
   (C)   The Tree Board members shall serve without pay.
   (D)   Tree Board members shall serve a term of three years and will be allowed to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.
   (E)   The Tree Board shall choose its own officers, and keep minutes of its proceedings. A majority of the members shall be a quorum for the transaction of business.      
(Ord. 13-3-90, passed 5-14-90; Am. Ord. 17-4-98, passed 5-24-99; Am. Ord. 8-3-09, passed 4-28-09; Am. Ord. 20-07-20, passed 8-12-20)