The Clerk-Treasurer shall receive and approve all claims for the disbursement of funds.
   (A)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall establish a budget with designated lines and the budget shall be maintained within the budget of the Street Department. The forestry budget shall be governed under the same authority as set out by the Clerk-Treasurer and city policy including all federal and state laws.
   (B)   Upon submittal of the budget to the Noblesville Common Council and with their approval the Clerk-Treasurer’s office will exercise all powers and functions in accordance with federal and state laws.
   (C)   All fines, permit fees, grants or other funds accrued through this chapter shall be managed through the Clerk-Treasurer. Fines and permit fees will be deposited into the non-reverting tree account.
   (D)   All funds, be it grant monies or budgeted money from the Common Council, shall be disbursed by the Clerk-Treasurer’s office through the city’s standard practices of due process. All funds listed in the non-reverting tree fund shall be submitted to the Common Council for their approval prior to disbursement and follow the same standard practices.
   (E)   The Urban Forester will request approval of funding for a line in the Street Department budget for tree planting from the Common Council.
   (F)   An annual budget report of the non-reverting tree fund expenditures, fines and grants will be submitted to the Board of Public Works and Safety, Common Council, Street Commissioner and Clerk-Treasurer by the Urban Forester. This report will also include all projected expenditures for the following year.
(Ord. 68-11-90, passed 12-10-90; Am. Ord. 8-3-09, passed 4-28-09)