§ 31.03  CLERK.
   (A)   The Clerk is the Clerk of the Common Council. The Clerk shall perform all duties as prescribed by statute or ordinance.
(Statutory reference: I.C. 36-4-6-9)
   (B)   The Clerk may appoint the number of deputies and employees authorized by the Common Council.  The Clerk’s deputies and employees serve at the Clerk’s pleasure (I.C. 36-4-11-4).
   (C)   The Clerk shall serve as Clerk of the Board of Public Works and Safety, and shall perform all the duties incident to such office.
   (D)   the Clerk is the Clerk of the city Court and shall carry out the duties prescribed by law.
   (E)   the Clerk shall maintain all records for Riverside Cemetery.
(Am. Ord. 53-12-18, passed 12-18-18
   Fiscal branch of city government, see Chapter 33A.
Statutory reference:
   City Clerk as Clerk of Board, see I.C. 36-4-9-8(c)
   City Clerk As Clerk of City Court, see I.C. 33-35-3-2(a)