(A)   The city encourages employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities by serving jury duty when summoned. The pay of any employee who has received a subpoena for jury duty or as a witness will continue at the regular rate. All jury duty pay received by the employee shall be returned to the city to be credited against regular salary.  Payment by the court to the employee for travel expense at the prevailing rate may be retained by the employee.
   (B)   Employees must show the jury duty summons to the department head or designated supervisor as soon as possible so the city may make arrangements to accommodate the employee’s absence. The employee is expected to report for work whenever the court schedule permits. Either the city or the employee may request an excuse from jury duty if, in the employer’s judgment, the employee’s absence would create serious operational difficulties.
   (C)   If an employee is released from jury duty with more than half of his or her regularly scheduled shift remaining, the employee is expected to report to work.
   (D)   The city will continue to provide and accrue all regular benefits for the full term of the jury duty absence. Such time spent on jury duty shall be counted as hours worked in calculating overtime.
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