(A)   All powers and duties of the city that are executive or administrative in nature shall be exercised or performed by the Mayor, another city officer, or a city department.
   (B)   An ordinance of the Council requiring an executive or administrative function to be performed may:
      (1)   Designate the department that is to perform that function; or
      (2)   Establish a new department or agency to perform that function.
   (C)   If an executive or administrative function is not assigned by a statute, ordinance, or resolution, the Mayor shall assign that function to the proper department or officer.
(I.C. 36-4-4-3)
   (D)   The following city departments may be established by ordinance passed by the Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor:
      (1)   Finance or administration;
      (2)   Law;
      (3)   Public works;
      (4)   Public safety;
      (5)   Parks and recreation;
      (6)   Human resources;
      (7)   Economic development; and
      (8)   Any other department considered necessary to efficiently perform the administrative functions required to fulfill the needs of the city's citizens. (I.C. 36-4-9-4)
   (E)   (1)   The Common Council affirms its establishment, upon recommendation of the Mayor, the following executive departments for the City:
         (a)   Department of Finance and Accounting;
         (b)   Department of Law;
         (c)   Department of Engineering;
         (d)   Department of Human Resources;
         (e)   Department of Planning;
         (f)   Department of Parks and Recreation;
         (g)   Wastewater Utility;
         (h)   Street Department;
         (i)   Department of Information Technology;
         (j)   Maintenance Department;
         (k)   Department of Economic Development;
         (l)   Police Department; and
         (m)   Fire Department.
      (2)   Consistent with I.C. 36-4-9-4, the executive departments shall perform the administrative functions assigned by statute and ordinance.
(‘61 Code, § 5.l) (Ord 1479, passed  -  -83; Am. Ord. 53-12-18, passed 12-18-18)