(A)   It shall be unlawful for a pedestrian to sit, stand, or move within or upon a roadway, walk, or a median between two roadways for:
      (1)   Soliciting, pedaling, advertising, seeking donations, or distributing any product, property, or service including but not limited to tickets, handbills, newspapers, or other printed materials to or from an occupant of a vehicle in a road; or
      (2)   Conversation or discourse with an occupant of a vehicle in a roadway.
   (B)   For purposes of this section, a "ROADWAY" shall mean a portion of a street or highway improved or unimproved which is designed or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, and in the case of a roadway which is improved with curbs, shall mean the entire portion of the roadway from curb to curb.
(Ord. 7-2-03, passed 2-11-03)  Penalty, see § 118.99