(A)   The Chief of Police or his or her designee shall issue an alarm system permit to the person or other legal entity in possession or control of the property subject to the application's submission in accordance with this chapter, payment of the permit fee and approval by the Chief of Police, which shall not be unreasonably denied.  An application may be disapproved if the Chief of Police, after consultation with the Police Department, finds that any statement made in the application to be incomplete or false or it is found that the alarm system is intended to be used in support of an illegal activity.  All alarm system permits issued shall contain a registration number and shall be in decal form.
   (B)   After the receipt of the application for an alarm system permit and payment of the permit fee, the Chief of Police, or his or her designee, shall record the application data for use by Municipal Emergency Services personnel.  All the information on the application shall be kept confidential within the city.  However, the information shall be made available within the city on a "need to know" basis for official business use only and to other law enforcement and emergency service agencies, on a "need to know" basis for official business.
   (C)   The permit holder shall promptly notify the Chief of Police, or his or her designee, in writing of any change in the information contained in the permit application.  Failure to do so may result in the suspension or revocation of the permit.
(Ord. 65-8-03, passed 9-9-03)