(A)   There are hereby established as of the effective date of this section availability for all new users of the City Sewage Works availability and connection fees of five thousand six hundred dollars ($5,600) per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). For purposes of this section, one EDU shall be defined as the average use of 310 gallons of wastewater flow per day over one calendar year. Table 11-1 of Section 327 IAC 3-6-11, shall be used to determine the number of EDUs for all users, unless the Board of Public Works and Safety of the City of Noblesville determines to the contrary. EDU calculations will be rounded to the nearest 0.1 of an EDU. For example a calculation of 0.05 EDU would round up to 0.1 EDU and a calculation of 0.04 EDU would round down to 0.00 EDU.
   (B)   Additional funds contributed. The above availability costs shall be strictly nonrefundable. If by prior agreement, in order to extend the trunk sewerage system, additional funds are necessary to extend the sewer to the owners of real estate, such additional funds, advanced or contributed by said owners of real estate for the extensions and/or oversizing to meet the requirements of the city, are refundable, without interest. However, such refunds may be made only from funds deposited at a future date by owners of real estate benefited under such terms and conditions as the city shall, from time to time, set forth. In no event will any of the city sewerage revenues be used, committed, or encumbered to repay any such funds advanced or contributed, nor will the City's General Fund be used, committed or encumbered to repay any such funds advanced or contributed. It is expressly declared that such repayment, if any, will be made under the provisions of and will be repaid only from funds deposited in the Interceptor Fund on the basis of first in, first out. No provision of this subchapter shall be construed as a guarantee by the city that the owners of real estate advancing funds will be fully reimbursed therefor.
   (C)   The requirements of this section shall not be applicable to any  rehabilitation, change of use or improvement to an existing building located within the Core Central Business District (CCBD) of Noblesville as the district is hereafter defined, except as specifically limited or restricted herein.
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