The City Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to pre-pay the following lawful expenses subject to the submission of a fully itemized claim to the Clerk-Treasurer's office prior to the pre-payment and the submission of the claim for review and allowance at the next regular meeting of the Common Council following the pre-approved payment of the expense:
   (A)   Property or services purchased or leased from the United States government, its agencies, or its political subdivisions.
   (B)   License or permit fees.
   (C)   Insurance premiums.
   (D)   Utility payments or utility connection charges.
   (E)   General grant programs where advance funding is not prohibited and the contracting party posts sufficient security to cover the amount advanced.
   (F)   Leases or rental agreements.
   (G)   Bond or coupon agreements
   (H)   Payroll.
   (I)   State, federal or county taxes.
(Ord. 32-8-92, passed 9-14-92)