(A)     All employees and duly elected and appointed officials of the city will be covered by a retirement program established and maintained by the state except:
      (1)     Per Resolution No. 109-76, Sec. iii, all duly appointed officials of the Board of Park Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Board of Public Works and Safety and Redevelopment Authority.
      (2)     Per Indiana Code 5-10.3-7-2, Sec. 2, uniformed police and firemen.
      (3)     Employees not considered full-time.  (Positions requiring 2,080 or more hours per year are full-time.)
   (B)     The Public Employee's Retirement Fund (PERF) pays benefits to cover employees or their survivor upon retirement, death, and in certain cases of serious illness or injury.  An employee becomes eligible for participation in PERF as follows:
      (1)     A new hire shall begin participation immediately.
   (C)   Full particulars regarding PERF are contained in a PERF employee handbook given to each employee and additional questions should be directed to the Payroll Department in the Clerk-Treasurer's office.
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