(A)   Longevity pay for Police Department.
      (1)   Sworn members of the Police Department receive longevity pay based upon consecutive years of service with the city.  An employee starting his or her full-time employment with the city on January 1 will be considered as having completed a year of service as of December 31 of that same year. Effective January 1, longevity pay for years of service 1-19 is paid in the amount of $120 for each calendar year of service. Longevity pay for year 20 is $250 per year ($5,000 annual), and every year thereafter, with no additional yearly increase beyond 20 years of service. Longevity pay is paid in equal bi-weekly payments during such year according to the regular payrolls of the city.
      (2)   Longevity pay is received after the one-year anniversary date of full-time service and paid on a bi-weekly basis. The effective date of the start of the longevity pay will be the pay period that the one-year anniversary date falls within, as long as that date falls within the first week of the pay period.  Otherwise, if the anniversary date falls within the second week of the pay period, the longevity pay will start the following pay period.  This longevity pay will be paid at a prorated amount through the end of that calendar year. Then, starting with the first full pay period of the next calendar year, longevity pay will be paid out at a two-year service rate and will be paid in equal bi-weekly payments with each regularly scheduled city payroll.
      (3)   When calculating overtime compensation, longevity pay shall be in addition to the employee’s regular rate of pay and is figured on an hourly basis and added to employee’s regular rate of pay.
      (4)   Upon termination of employment, employees do not receive payment of the remaining balance of their longevity benefit. However, an employee will receive payment of the unused balance of his or her vacation, accrued vacation, float, compensatory hours, and sick time hours calculated at the employee’s base rate, plus longevity rate, plus education incentive pay. (Please refer to §§ 35.39 and 35.40 regarding the payment of accrued vacation and sick time hours upon termination.)
      (5)   No police officer shall remain on active duty in the Police or Fire Department of the City of Noblesville after reaching the age of 70 years.
   (B)   Longevity pay for Fire Department. See current, effective Meet and Confer agreement between the City of Noblesville and the members of the Noblesville Fire Department.
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