(A)   There is created the reserve police department.
   (B)   Upon recommendation of the board of works and safety of the city,  the maximum number of authorized reserve police officers is hereby established to be not more than the regular police officers from time to time in the employ of the city.
   (C)   The chief of police of the city is designated to establish rules directing and governing the activities of all police reserves, the rules to be in writing and maintained on file with the public records of the city.
   (D)   In all other respects, the operation, appointment, compensation, and training shall be governed by the laws of the state as from time to time amended.
   (E)   There may be appropriated by the common council of the city such funds as may be allowed by the laws of the state for use for or on behalf of police reserve officers. 
(Ord. 1061, passed 5-10-76)
Statutory reference:
   Police reserves, IC 36-8-3-20