(A)   There is established a juvenile aid council consisting of the juvenile officer and 6 additional members which shall be appointed by the mayor subject to approval by the common council. The members, with the exception of the juvenile officer, will serve without compensation.  The appointees of the mayor may be dismissed by him at any time for any reason that he may deem proper.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the juvenile aid council, and to this end it shall have authority within the limits of the funds at its disposal, to carry on any activities which, in the opinion of the juvenile aid council, will aid and assist in the solution or alleviation  of  juvenile  delinquency  or  the  personal  safety  of juveniles.  These  activities  shall  include  the  licensing  of bicycles, the receiving and investigating of any complaints having to do with juvenile delinquency, and the conduct of bicycle courts, such courts to be held under rules and regulations set out by the juvenile aid council. 
(Ord. 628, s 3, passed 6-14-43; amend. Ord. 1096, passed 2-28-77)