(A)   Upon mutual adoption by the Town of Fishers and the City of Noblesville and the County of Hamilton, the multi-jurisdictional port authority previously created is hereby re-established as the Historic Railroad Multi-Jurisdictional Port Authority subject to all of the powers and authority granted and conferred by the Indiana Code, as from time to time amended.
   (B)   In addition to the re-establishment of the Historic Railroad Multi-Jurisdictional Port Authority by the city and the Town of Fishers and the County of Hamilton (which shall be hereafter referred to as “The Jurisdictional Members”), the Historic Railroad Multi-Jurisdictional Port Authority may be expanded to include other municipal corporations in the following manner:
      (1)   The municipal corporation seeking to join the multi-jurisdictional port authority shall make application in a form prescribed by the Board of Trustees seeking admission thereof;
      (2)   The Board of Trustees and the applicant shall define the appropriate consideration for such admission;
      (3)   The Board of Trustees must vote unanimously in favor of accepting the application;
      (4)   Upon unanimous acceptance of the application by the Board of Trustees, the applicant must adopt an ordinance which is in substantially the same form as this subchapter subject only to the following amendments which shall be incorporated by amendment to this subchapter by the legislative bodies of the Jurisdictional Members participating in the multi-jurisdictional port authority:  That the membership of the Board of Trustees shall be expanded to include additional members for each municipal corporation added hereafter, such members to serve for terms of three years to be appointed by the Executive Officer of the Jurisdictional Member joining the port authority, or in accordance with such other provision for appointment as the Jurisdictional Member may determine.
(Ord. 35-9-94, passed 11-28-94; Am. Ord. 21-4-98, passed 4-27-98)