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New York City Overview
The New York City Charter
The New York City Administrative Code
The Rules of the City of New York
Title 1: Department of Buildings
Title 2: Board of Standards and Appeals
Title 3: Fire Department
Title 6: Department of Consumer and Worker Protection
Title 9: Procurement Policy Board Rules
Title 12: Franchise and Concession Review Committee
Title 15: Department of Environmental Protection
Title 16: Department of Sanitation
Title 17: Business Integrity Commission
Title 19: Department of Finance
Title 20: Tax Appeals Tribunal
Title 21: Tax Commission
Title 22: Banking Commission
Title 24: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Title 25: Department of Mental Health and Retardation [Repealed]
Title 28: Housing Preservation and Development
Title 29: Loft Board
Title 30: Rent Guidelines Board
Title 31: Mayor's Office of Homelessness and Single Room Occupancy
Title 34: Department of Transportation
Title 35: Taxi and Limousine Commission
Title 38: Police Department
Title 38-A: Civilian Complaint Review Board
Title 39: Department of Correction
Title 40: Board of Correction
Title 41: Department of Juvenile Justice
Title 42: Department of Probation
Title 43: Mayor
Title 44: Comptroller
Title 45: Borough Presidents
Title 46: Law Department
Title 47: Commission on Human Rights
Title 48: Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH)
Title 49: Department of Records and Information Services
Title 50: Community Assistance Unit
Title 51: City Clerk
Title 52: Campaign Finance Board*
Title 53: Conflicts of Interest Board
Title 55: Department of Citywide Administrative Services
Title 56: Department of Parks and Recreation
Title 57: Art Commission
Title 58: Department of Cultural Affairs
Title 60: Civil Service Commission
Title 61: Office of Collective Bargaining
Title 62: City Planning
Title 63: Landmarks Preservation Commission
Title 66: Department of Small Business Services
Title 67: Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Title 68: Human Resources Administration
Title 69: Department of Aging
Title 70: In Rem Foreclosure Release Board
Title 71: Voter Assistance Commission
Title 72: Office of Emergency Management
Title 73: Civic Engagement Commission
607.3.3.2 Smoke damper actuation.
The smoke damper shall close upon actuation of a listed smoke detector or detectors installed in accordance with Section 606 of this code and Section 907.3 of the New York City Building Code and one of the following methods, as applicable:
   1.   Where a smoke damper is installed within a duct, a smoke detector shall be installed in the duct within 5 feet (1524 mm) of the damper with no air outlets or inlets between the detector and the damper. The detector shall be listed for the air velocity, temperature and humidity anticipated at the point where it is installed. Other than in mechanical smoke control systems, dampers shall be closed upon fan shutdown where local smoke detectors require a minimum velocity to operate.
      1.   Duct smoke detectors will not be required at each fire smoke damper provided the supply fan shall shut down and all the fire smoke dampers associated with the supply system automatically close upon actuation of any automatic alarm initiating device on the floor(s).
      2.   Duct smoke detectors will be required within 5 feet (1.5 m) downstream of any electric duct reheat coil.
      3.   Non-ducted return air systems shall have a smoke detector located within 5 feet (1.5 m) upstream of each return air protected opening in a 2 hour fire rated barrier.
      4.   Ducted return air systems shall have a duct smoke detector located within 5 feet (1.5 m) of a smoke damper; additional smoke detectors will not be required at fire smoke dampers located downstream where there are no additional return air inlets.
   2.   Where a smoke damper is installed above smoke barrier doors in a smoke barrier, a spot-type detector listed for releasing service shall be installed on either side of the smoke barrier door opening.
   3.   Where a smoke damper is installed within an unducted opening in a wall, a spot-type detector listed for releasing service shall be installed within 5 feet (1524 mm) horizontally of the damper.
   4.   Where a smoke damper is installed in a corridor wall, the damper shall be permitted to be controlled by a smoke detection system installed in the corridor.
   5.   Where a total-coverage smoke detector system is provided within all areas served by an HVAC system, dampers shall be permitted to be controlled by the smoke detection system.
   6.   Smoke dampers that are part of an engineered smoke control system shall be capable of being positioned manually from a command station. Such positioning devices shall be provided for supply and return/exhaust dampers grouped by floor and by type. Damper switch positions shall indicate whether the related dampers are commanded to be either open or closed. Smoke damper positioning switches shall be located at the Fire Command Station, or in a Mechanical Control Center in buildings without a Fire Command Station.