(a)   The Mayor is authorized to declare a water emergency when, for any reason, it is determined the supply of water from the Village Water System is inadequate to meeting the demand for water, including the maintenance of necessary water reserves and projected reserves necessary for fire suppression activities as determined by the Fire Chief.  The Mayor shall declare the use of water by all users of Village water for purposes not essential to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Village of New Washington is prohibited or restricted during specified hours and days, or for a specified time period, or for a continuing time period until notice is given that such uses are no longer prohibited or restricted.  Water uses not essential to the health, safety and welfare include, but are not limited to, lawns and gardens, vehicle washing, manufacturing facilities, cooling facilities, commercial laundries and commercial vehicle washing facilities.  Restrictions shall be placed on any or all of the non-essential water uses consistent with the severity of the situation, as determined by the Mayor.
   (b)   Publication one time of such a declaration of prohibitions or restrictions in a newspaper of general circulation within the Village shall constitute official notice to all users of Village water.  The Village shall also provide said declarations to appropriate television and radio stations and may provide mailings to water users for information purposes.  The prohibitions or restrictions of water usage shall remain in full force to all users of Village water until notice of said prohibition or restrictions are removed by the Mayor by having such a notice published one time in the same newspaper of general circulation within the Village.  The Village shall also publicize said removal of restrictions or prohibitions with appropriate television and radio  stations.
   (c)   No person, business, industry or other user of Village water shall use water from the Village water system when the Mayor has prohibited or restricted such use.  Provided notification is given, the Board of Public Affairs through their duly authorized employee or employees may terminate water service to the user of said water in violation of said prohibition or restrictions.  Such termination may continue until the use is no longer prohibited or restricted.  The Village, including its agents and employees, shall not be liable nor responsible for any damages resulting from said termination of water service nor for damages due to prohibitions or restrictions placed on water usage by the Mayor. 
(Ord. 777.  Passed 10-25-99.)