(a)   For the purpose of this section, “smoking material” means any cigar, cigarette, pipe, weed, plant or other smoking equipment in any form. “Public place” means that portion of any enclosed indoor area owned by the Village to which members of the general public may be invited or in which members of the general public are permitted free access.
   (b)   The possession of lighted smoking material in all public places owned by the Village is prohibited.
   (c)   Signs shall be erected or posted which prohibit smoking at all public entrance ways to all public places and at any other necessary locations throughout the public places, as is necessary.
   (d)   The appropriate department authority is hereby authorized to designated an area(s) in those enclosed buildings owned by the Village where smoking may be permitted as long as said area does not abut an area where the general public is permitted free access.
   (e)   Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 696.  Passed 5-24-93.)