Buildings and land shall be used, and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered, moved or maintained in whole or in part in Shopping Center Districts only for the uses set forth in the following schedules and regulations.
   (a)   Main Buildings and Uses Permitted.  Offices, stores, services and other use classifications as permitted in GB Districts, except: dwellings, drive-in eating establishments, wholesale offices and show rooms, automotive sales lot and services, repair and service garages, mortuaries, transmittal towers, telephone exchanges, transformer stations, bus passenger stations, hotels and motels.
   (b)   Similar Main Uses Permitted.  Any other general business store, shop or service not listed above or in any subsequent use classification and determined as similar by the Planning Commission in accordance with the standards set forth in this Code shall be permitted.
   (c)   Accessory Uses Permitted.  Any accessory or use such as storage of goods or processing operations which are clearly incident to conducting a retail business office, or service establishment or other permitted main use shall be permitted, provided such an accessory use is compatible with contiguous office, retail and service establishments and has no injurious effect on adjoining residential districts. Off-street parking and loading facilities and signs shall be provided and regulated according to applicable provisions of this Code.
      (Ord. 474.  Passed 8-27-73.)