Buildings and land shall be used, and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered, moved or maintained in whole or in part in a GB District only for the uses set forth in the following schedules and regulations:
   (a)   Main Buildings and Uses Permitted.
      (1)   Offices, stores, services, dwellings and other use classifications as permitted in LB Districts, except that automotive services shall not be permitted.
      (2)   Motels and Mortuaries.
      (3)   Additional retail business stores and services conducted wholly within enclosed buildings and devoted to supplying the retail business needs of the community to the following extent:
         A.   Retail Sales.
            1.   The sale of all food, frozen food lockers.
            2.   The sale and serving of all beverages, and eating places of all types including dancing and live entertainment, places selling and serving alcoholic beverages, state liquor stores; drive-in establishments if a Conditional Use Permit is granted by the Planning Commission in accordance with the standards set forth in this Code.
            3.   The sale of all general merchandise, dry goods, variety and department stores.
            4.   The sale of all hardware, appliances, china, furniture, floor and wall covering, business equipment, music, radio and television provided no loud speakers broadcast onto the street.
            5.   The sale of bicycles, motorcycles, boats, outboard motors, sport and athletic equipment, pet shops;
            6.   Wholesale offices and show rooms, with storage limited to samples, and
            7.   Automotive sales and services; repair and service garages, and used automotive sales lots only if accessory and immediately adjacent to buildings used for the sale of new motor vehicles.
         B.   Services.
            1.   Shops for custom work for the making of articles to be sold only at retail on the premises.
            2.   All personal service establishments without limitations on the number of persons engaged in such work;
            3.   Photographic developing, blue printing, letter job and newspaper printing, radio or television stations, transmittal towers, telephone exchanges, and transformer stations;
            4.   Bus passenger stations, taxi stations;
            5.   Hotels;
            6.   Amusement and recreational services such as: assembly and meeting halls, billiard halls, bowling alleys, dance halls, indoor theaters, ice and roller skating rinks, and other social fraternal, sport or recreational establishments, provided they are conducted within an enclosed building, and sufficiently sound insulated to confine the noise to the premises.
      (4)   Retail sales and services in open yards shall be permitted to the following extent:
         A.   Automotive sales of new and used motor vehicles, provided the operation is in connection with a new-car sales agency located on an immediately adjacent lot, that all vehicles and advertising be located behind a concrete curb or precast barrier at least 10 feet from the front lot line, and provided the front yard between the aforesaid barrier, and front lot line is landscaped and maintained attractively.
         B.   Similar Main Uses Permitted.  Any other general business store, shop or service not listed above or in any subsequent use classification and determined as similar by the Planning Commission in accordance with the standards set forth in this Code shall be permitted.
         C.   Accessory Uses Permitted.  Any accessory use such as storage of goods or processing operations which are clearly incident to conducting a retail business, office or service establishment or other permitted main use shall be permitted provided such an accessory use has no injurious effect on adjoining residential districts. Off- street parking and loading facilities and signs shall be provided and regulated according to applicable provisions of this Code.
            (Ord. 474.  Passed 8-27-73.)