Buildings and land shall be used, and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered, moved or maintained in whole or in part in a LB District only for the uses set forth in the following schedules and regulations:
   (a)   Main Buildings and Uses Permitted.
      (1)   Building and uses of the type permitted and as regulated in the nearest adjacent residential district.
      (2)   Office buildings and offices: professional, financial, governmental, public utility, sales, executive and administrative.
      (3)   Retail stores and services conducted wholly within enclosed buildings and devoted to supplying neighborhood needs to the following extent:
         A.   Retail Sales.
            1.   The sale of baked goods, confectionery, groceries, meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, packaged beverages;
            2.   The sale, serving and consumption of food, soft drinks, juices, ice cream in such places as restaurants, excluding places providing dancing or entertainment; places where food or beverages are not consumed within a building may be permitted if a Conditional Use Permit is granted in accordance with standards set forth in this Code;
            3.   The sale of drugs, gifts, antique and art goods, flowers, periodicals, musical instruments and supplies provided no loudspeakers broadcast into the street, sporting and athletic goods;
            4.   The sale of wearing apparel, shoes, hats; variety stores; and
            5.   The sale of hardware, tools, paint, garden supplies and household appliances.
         B.   Services.
            1.   Personal services, such as beauty and barber shops; interior decorating;
            2.   Laundry agencies and laundromat, tailor, pressing and dry cleaning shops in which only nonexplosive and nonflammable solvents are used; provided that no work shall be done on the premises for retail outlets elsewhere;
            3.   Repair services, such as shoe and hat, radio and television, household appliances, and
            4.   Automotive services limited to lubrication and minor repairing to tires, batteries, ignition, and cooling system may be permitted provided a Conditional Use Permit is granted in accordance with the standards for such permits and supplementary regulations of this Code.
      (4)   Retail sales in open yards shall be permitted to the following limited extent: Garden equipment and supplies, garden furniture, nursery stock, and monuments may be sold on an open lot provided the operation is in connection with an established related business conducted within a store building or retail greenhouse, not more than 150 feet therefrom and provided the sales in open yards comply with the setbacks established in this section.
   (b)   Similar Main Uses Permitted.  Any other neighborhood retail store, shop or service not listed above or in any subsequent use classification, and determined as similar by the Planning Commission in accordance with the standards set forth in this Code shall be permitted. Main uses enumerated in a GB District except motels, assembly halls, mortuaries, bus passenger stations and hotels may be permitted in a LB District, provided a Conditional Use Permit is granted in accordance with the standards of this Code.
   (c)   Accessory Uses Permitted.  Any accessory use such as storage of goods or processing operations which are clearly incidental to conducting a retail business, office, or service establishment, which is permitted as a main use shall be permitted, provided such a use has no injurious effect on adjoining residential districts.  Off-street parking and loading facilities and signs shall be provided and regulated according to applicable provisions of this Code.
      (Ord. 474.  Passed 8-27-73.)