1117.01  INTENT.
   Local business, general business and shopping center districts and their regulations are established herein in order to achieve among other, the following purposes:
   (a)   To provide in appropriate and convenient locations, zoning districts of sufficient size for the exchange of goods and services and other business activities;
   (b)   To provide local business districts (LB Districts) to serve the needs for convenience goods in proximity to the immediate neighborhood which do not attract large volumes of traffic;
   (c)   To provide general business districts (GB Districts) which require larger land areas, which may be open in evenings and which generate large volumes of traffic serving the needs for shopping and convenience goods and services of the entire community;
   (d)   To provide shopping center districts (SC Districts) to serve the shopping and convenience needs and services of the entire community where compatible business facilities with functional relationships will be planned, organized and grouped in a unified arrangement of buildings and service facilities all designed on a designated area of sufficient dimensions to satisfy all off-street parking demands and located along major arterial streets where the traffic generated by such development can be accommodated in a manner that the public health, welfare and safety of the surrounding area will be maintained.
   (e)   To protect adjacent residential neighborhoods by regulating the types and spacing of business uses, particularly at the common boundaries, which would create hazards, noise, odors, or other objectionable influences, and
   (f)   To promote the most desirable land use and traffic patterns in accordance with the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.  (Ord. 474.  Passed 8-27-73.)