(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to host an event or gathering at any residence or premises where alcoholic beverages are present and underage persons may also be present if:
      (1)   The person hosting the event or gathering knows or reasonably should know that the underage person:
         (a)   May or does consume alcohol or an alcoholic beverage; or
         (b)   Possesses alcohol or an alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume it; and
      (2)   The person fails to take reasonable steps to prevent the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by an underage person(s).
   (B)   A person who hosts an event or gathering does not have to be present at the event or gathering to be criminally responsible.
   (C)   A person is criminally responsible for violating division (A) above if the person intentionally aids, advises, hires, counsels, or conspires with or otherwise procures another to commit the prohibited act.
(Ord. 238, passed 7-20-09) Penalty see § 131.99