(A)   The estimate of the rates for the several classes of users or property to be served is as follows:
   User               Monthly Rate
   Single family residence/unit      $21.50
   Apartment/unit         $21.50
   Stores, shops, and the like:
   First 3 employees         $21.50
   Each additional employee      $5.38
Gasoline service station:
   With car wash facilities      $53.75
   W/o car wash facilities      $32.25
Restaurant, drive-ins and taverns
   w/eating and/or drinking facilities
   First 2 employees         $21.50
   Each additional employee      $14.19
Laundromats               $64.50
School/student               $1.33
Churches, lodges, and veterans
   organizations w/o eating
   and/or drinking facilities
   For each 200 members or
   fraction thereof         28.60
Professional offices, governmental offices,
   services, businesses such as
   insurance, banks, barber shops,
   beauty shops, and the like and industrial
   First 3 employees         $21.50
   For each additional 5 employees
      or fraction thereof      $10.75
   (B)   In the event 2 or more classes of users are located in one premises (such as restaurant and motel, residence and beauty shop, and the like) then the monthly rates for each such class of users shall be added to determine the monthly charge for the premises.
   (C)   In the event of an industrial process which requires use of water and subsequent disposal through the sanitary sewage system, the town shall require the user to measure, by a means satisfactory to the town, such additional usage and shall apply an additional charge based upon the equivalency of such usage to that of a single family dwelling unit.
   (D)   Each user connecting to the system shall be charged a $10 inspection fee and any user connecting more than 90 days subsequent to completion of construction of the sewage works shall also pay a tap-on fee of $400 or the actual cost incurred in connecting the user to the system, whichever amount shall be greater.
   (E)   During the construction of the system the town will charge user partial rates.
(1989 Code, § 32.19) (Ord. SB-83, passed 9-21-1983)