The town covenants and agrees that it will establish and maintain just and equitable rates or charges for the use of and the service rendered by said works, to be paid by the owner of each and every lot, parcel of real estate or building that is connected with and uses the sewage works by or through any part of the sewage system of the town, or that in any way uses or is served by such works; that such rates or charges shall be sufficient in each year for the payment of the proper and reasonable expenses of operation, repair, replacement and maintenance of the works, and for the payment of the sums required to be paid into the Sewage Works Sinking Fund by this chapter and by I.C. 36-9-23. Such rates or charges shall, if necessary, be changed and readjusted from time to time so that the revenues therefrom shall always be sufficient to meet the expenses of operation, repair and maintenance, and said requirements of the Sewage Works Sinking Fund. The rates or charges so established shall apply to any and all use of such works by and service rendered to the town and all departments thereof as the charges accrue.
(1989 Code, § 32.15) (Ord. SB-83, passed 9-21-1983)